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Correctional Factilites

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Names: Kalyn Steed
Chester Holden
Amber Brown
Raven Johnson
Paula Patrick
Melanie Taylor
Alexis Brown
Dylan Douglas
Lakaisha Thomas
Quentin Hendree

Due Date: April 9, 2014

Table of Contents I. Introduction Pages 3-4 II. Statement of Problem Page 5 III. Purpose of the Strategic Program Page 6
Marketing Section A. Research Questions Page 7 B. Survey Question Pages 8-11 C. Survey Results Page 12-13
Objectives of the Research Study IV. Objectives 1 Pages 14-15 V. Objective 2 Pages 16-17 VI. Objective 3 Pages 18-20 VII. Objective 4 Page 21-22 a. Develop Objective b. Planning Section c. Organizing Section d. Implementing Section e. Controlling Section
Financial Section VIII. Financial Budget & Explanation Page 23 IX. Summary Page 24


This strategic management plan will address and offer suggestions to rectify an organizational problem in the state of Mississippi. In our opinion, it is a problem that the state continues to plan to build and invest in correctional facilities based on indicators that forecast the number of citizen that will end up in prison. Rather than only using these forecasting indicators guide decision making about increasing correctional facility capacities, we believe the state of Mississippi should use these indicators to develop preventative programs to keep citizens out of prison.
The indicators used by the state of Mississippi to determine future prison population are 1) The average third grade reading levels of students across the state and 2) The average number of prisoners released from prison...

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