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Corrine May Botz Lecture Paper

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Brendon Lee

Art 210 Reaction to Corrine May Botz Lecture

The lecture presented by Corrine May Botz was very interesting. I enjoyed most of what she lectured about. My favorite part of the lecture was when she spoke of ghosts and the haunted houses. The stories that followed the pictures were very interesting and kind of sent chills up my spine. That was the part of the lecture that had my full attention. It was interesting that these people didn’t just move out, but just adapted and lived with these ghosts. If it were me I would have moved out immediately. Some of the pictures of the homes were eerie, however some of the homes just seemed like normal houses. The only way you could know they were haunted was if the story was placed next to the picture. The other part of the lecture that I found interesting was the miniature recreations of crime scenes. I thought it was interesting how detailed the artists were with all the objects in the home. I wonder how they were able to so accurately place the paint onto the little cups and pieces of furniture. I also thought it was interesting how they created burned homes in the small scale. At times I was not able to distinguish whether the picture was of a real home or of the miniature recreation of the home. Other parts of the lecture didn’t really capture my attention and I found it to be a bit boring. One thing I liked about the lecturer was that she was able to show us the process that she had to go through to get these stories and pictures. She said she ended up creating a relationship with these people and the amount of time she must have invested in them must have been immense. It was also interesting how she needed the owner’s permission to use the pictures of their homes. I thought you could just use the pictures. Overall I found the lecture to be enriching.

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