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Indian School of Business
Financial Accounting in Decision Making (FADM)
Term One: 2015

Questions for Group Assignments

FADM 2015
Case: Maria Hernandez
Refer to the case “Maria Hernandez and Associates” (HBS case No. 902-401) and answer the following questions
1. How would you have reported on the financial effects of the operations of Maria
Hernandez & Associates through August 31, 2004? Did the company made a profit as
Maria believed? If so, how would you explain why the cash in the bank has declined?
2. How would you report the financial status of the business on August 31, 2004? In your opinion, do you think that the financial position is healthy?

FADM 2015
Problem set # 1: Receivables and inventory
Refer to the annual report of Tata Motors (company, hereafter) for the year ended March 31,
2014 and answer the following questions.
1. What amount of trade and other receivables is reported on the balance sheet?
2. What is the total (gross) amount owed to the company for trade and other receivables?
3. What amount of trade receivables from customers, does the company expect to eventually collect? How does this compare to last fiscal year?
4. Can you tell what method does the company use to ascertain potentially uncollectible receivables? 5. How much of the total receivables are due for more than 6 months? Is this higher or lower than previous year? What implication does this change has?
6. Consider the account “allowances for doubtful debts”. What does this amount represent?
How did this affect the income statement?
7. Why do you think the provision for “bad and doubtful debts” changed during fiscal year?
8. How much was the bad debt expense for fiscal year? Which line item in the income statement do you think includes this expense?
9. What amount does the company report as inventories in its balance sheet?
10. Is inventory a...

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