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M8A1: Database Project Report
Jeff Sowell
Excelsior College
Professor Harold Lamson

This paper details the database project for this class. Including the steps taken to develop it, how it is being developed, queries and an E/R diagram of the model, each of which will be discussed in this paper.

Database Project Report
The term project is focused on building a database management system for the telematics company: Ozark Inc. which provides telematics software as a service. Ozark Inc. has run into challenges around maintaining and organizing its data since the company has been growing rapidly, and expanding its customer base. As a result, we will be building a database management system for Ozark Inc. which will help them create efficient business processes by identifying key pieces of information, which includes customer data and metadata, sales information, employee information and details regarding the products Ozark Inc. sells.
Database design is being driven by information provided by key stakeholders in the business, who have also provided details of current business workflow and process, sales policies, and specific constraints the business has around resources to allocate to the aforementioned. Company employees have documented, and shared what they believe is important and which should be addressed by a database system. The data model requires a relational database which will use multiple tables to store, and manage the data needed by the company. The software which will be utilized in the project is MS Access, because of its ease of use in manipulating data, and the relatively intuitive user interface it offers makes it an appropriate platform to develop the database system for Ozark Inc.

The database will contain the following tables: * Customer_Information, Customer_Sales_Detail, Employee_Info, Sales_Info, Product_Detail,...

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