Cosmetic Surgery

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Cosmetic surgery

In this essay, I will look at how the media is having an effect on teenagers in connection with cosmetic surgery. The use of cosmetic surgery has become more and more normal for teenagers. This situation has been significantly evolving for the past two decades. For a teen to completely remodel his or her body is far from unrealistic. A lot of factors have been contributing to the fact that the number of teens who have been under the knife has increased. One of these factors is the media. The media is well-known for giving teenagers a wrong image of beauty. That point led me to this thesis: The use of cosmetic surgery has a strong connection to the modern media, which has no problem whatsoever with giving teens an unrealistic image of how their appearance should be.
The media has a huge impact on teens and how they perceive beauty and what is attractive. Most of the media teens are exposed to does not show people in a realistic way. Characters on TV are often shown with unrealistically "perfect" bodies. Women are shown as too thin and men are shown with really big muscles. In magazines, pictures of models are often edited, so there are no flaws or imperfections. This has a big impact on teenagers; even though they may know what they see is not normal or not real they still do not realize it. When teens see these pictures of perfect people, they feel like they have to live up to this impossibility. Teenagers have a tendency to admire and compare themselves with those images that are thrown in their faces. This fact can cause them to doubt themselves, and gives them low self-esteem. Some teenagers would do anything to look just like the characters in TV and magazines; therefore in some cases it leads them to cosmetic surgery. It is not always that these cosmetic surgeries have a positive effect on teens. Most teens do not understand that cosmetic…...