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Shannon Gruca
Prof. Trentecosta
Psychology 2400
April 25, 2011 Fitness effects on the Cognitive Function of Older Adults In the research article there was a meta-analytic study conducted to examine the understanding if aerobic fitness enhances the cognitive function of older adults. There were four theoretical hypotheses done including methodological factors which may manipulate enhancements with aerobic fitness to observe if there would be any improvements with cognition in order adults. Meta-analysis techniques are used with a type of a study because it summarizes the relationship between two variables with different studies. This type of study also allows one to determine whether one variable is influenced by another used for methodological factors. The four hypotheses used consist of theoretical proposals, random fitness intervention trials, studies conducted from the year 1966 to 2001 and last focusing on adults from fifty five years of age to eighty years old.
The four theoretical variables used for this process were speed, visuospatial, controlled processing and executive control. The speed category showed a measure of low neurological functioning. The visuospatial category determined if the participants ability to remember visual and spatial information. The controlled processes were used to determine cognitive control. Last but not least the executive control category determined scheduling of mental procedures.
The hypotheses involved participants and observed people through three different age groups. This reported that there was more of an effect between proportions of males to females but not separately.
. The main findings of this article conclude that there were multiple effects within the four theoretical variables. The study revealed that the exerciser had the greatest effect on the executive processes which was significantly greater than...

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