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Cost Benefits Analysis of Employee Trng. Program

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Cost/Benefit analysis of Employee Training programs

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Training is a process that can provide significant value and rewards that far outweigh its financial costs. The effects of training touches the lives of employees from the first day of a new job through retirement The purpose of this paper is to show how employee training benefits not only the organization but also the environment as well. The reader will be introduced to an oil distribution company undergoing costly problems because of poorly trained employees. These problems have resulted in repeated environmental violations. An analysis of the company was conducted to weigh the cost/benefits of incorporating an effective employee-training program to address the problem. The outcome of the analysis will determine whether the training is financially feasible, or if another project should be pursued. In addition, the effect of management behavior on productivity, the definition and use of behavior costing, effects of high performance work policies on business financial performanceas that relate to the company; along with recommendations based on researched data gathered will be given in this paper. Training is defined as an activity leading to skilled behavior. Employee training involves a set of planned activities that organization will have their employees complete in order to increase their job knowledge, skills, and abilities. In practice, training gets employees accustomed to the attitudes and social atmosphere of the company and helps them become familiar with the goals of the organization and the job requirements (Psychology Campus, 2008). In the petroleum field, training is of critical importance to fuel supply personnel; these individuals receive, transport, and deliver hazardous cargo in bulk form nation wide. Bulk fuel handling as a result, calls for...

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