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Quang is the CEO of a company that produced plastic materials in Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City. Recently, whereas the influence of external recession makes loss-making company, so he had to cut payroll and fired some employees.
When the business of the company have been appreciating then some employees to resign because they found a better opportunity from the other companies. That makes the operation of the company began to deteriorate again. Quang had to hire additional staff without experience in doing. Despite this, the business situation of the company is still not better. In fact, this situation was repeated many times and a lot of the number of employees laid off, job hopping .Therefore, this is the most important reason why the company should bear more of the cost of unemployment insurance, health insurance, training costs for new employees and stagnant bussiness.

There are many different absenteeism of staff but we only cite a situation which is said to be quite suitable and sufficient to represent the remaining cases. This situation refers to the case of employees Thanh.

Thanh Staff : ( male.) He is a longtime employee of the company who is working-hard person with experience, high qualifications,best skills and high productivity. His personality is friendly and he has good relationships with colleagues who is potential candidates for the position of head of department. He is married and his two children are at starting school age. His family had been moved to a new residence where is far from the workplace.

In recent months, he often go working late and he give many reason to leaving early that is picking up his children to home, fixing road or sick. Oncetime, management has reminded about his mistakes at the stage and he has to overcome, but a few days later his errors are happening again. Although he is still working well, but sometime Thanh began showing signs of neglect when he is working that makes his reduced productivity. Conflicts arose between him and the other workers began to appear. When the the company trouble difficuty in business, the amount of each employee's job are considerable incresing.Thanh has repeatedly mentioned his promotion and then the problem of his salary and allowance to Mr Quang.However , in terms of the business of the company is difficult and the downward expression of Thanh so Mr. Quang is still considering. Thanh has resigned and he is now a new employee of an other manufacturing company with his expecting position and expecting salary .

Capacity personal behavior is governed by motivation, ability, awareness work and the contextual factors (MARS). Motivation includes elements within influence direction, effort and persistence in behavior of individual autonomy. Capacities include gifted and learned things necessary to complete the task. The sense of mission is personal beliefs about what actions are necessary and appropriate to address particular situations. The situational factors are environmental conditions suppress or promote behavior and work performance of individuals.This situation is simple because in real life there are many situations complexer more than it. However , the situation could help us using MARS method to solving and clearly about individual behaviour which is an importan principle of Organization Behaviour
Five types of acts are discussed in most of the literature on organizational behavior. Focus on job performance as well as specific action of the thinking process to help businesses achieve goals. The sense of responsibility related to acts beyond the daily tasks of employees. Obstructing the work is the act of intentionally causing harm to the organization by damaging property or function, or hurt them reduce employee productivity. Join and stay with the organization that kind of behavior fourth in job behavior. The fifth category of acts related to the diligent work .Thereforce , we give the simple example to clearly understand and we can apply that for future job.

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