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Costa Coffee

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Costa Coffee

Analysis and Strategy –
“The Sister Project”

Contents 1. Introduction 4 2. External Analysis 4 2.1. Customer Analysis 4 Target Age Groups 4 Key Areas 5 2.2. Competitor Analysis 5 2.2.1. Direct Competitors: Leading coffee shop brands 6 Market Route 6 Independent Coffee Houses 7 2.2.2. Indirect Competitors 7 2.2.3. Key growth areas 8 2.3. Market Analysis 9 The market 9 Awareness of the market 9 Market drivers 9 Market barriers 10 Goods and services 10 Suppliers 10 Customers 10 SWOT analysis 10 Market Trends 11 Market Opportunities 12 2.4. Environmental Analysis 12 2.4.1. PESTEL Analysis 12 3. Internal Analysis 14 3.1 Strategies and Objectives 14 3.2. Brand Analysis 15 3.3. Business Portfolio Analysis – Services 16 3.4. Brand performance 17 3.5. Marketing and Communications 17 4. Key issues 18 4.1. Brand image 18 4.2. Differentiation 18 4.3. Clarity of message 19 5. Strategic positioning 19 “The Sister Project” 19 6. Bibliography 20

1. Introduction

Costa is Britain’s leading coffee chain in a highly competitive and growing market. Despite a tough economic environment in Britain, the brand has managed to continue rapid expansion at home and in emerging economies abroad. The brand focus on the core product has been matched with portfolio expansion into new service areas.

This report analyses Costa’s relationship to the existing coffee market, in order to look at some of the key issues facing the brand, and to develop potential strategies for its continued success.

2. External Analysis
2.1. Customer Analysis

Coffee Consumption Trends

As a result of today’s tough economy, a growing trend amongst coffee consumers is to purchase home coffee machines and pods to brew at home (Mintel 2011a). Another likely impact of the economic climate could be a growth in...

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