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Costa Concordia

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Brief history:
In the early 90s of the cruse history begin to get on the line, making the cruse famous in tourists and passenger till 1960s. shipping companies started making their investments over the passenger cruise spend huge money on their comforts and services. Gradually to the demand these ships started to grow in the sizes after the year 1980, which can be compared to the cruse industries of today. These transportation vehicles are not only used as the mode of transport but are also widely rekno

Maritime Disaster Costa Concordia:

The cruise history was started in early 1900 with the first passenger ship, but the business flourished in 1960s when the companies started focusing on the tourist and passengers for their services. The era changed when the megaships started sailing in the ocean after 1980s which are similar to the modern day cruise ships, and if we take a look at recent cruise ships which not only include the cabins for passenger, but also restaurants, casino, swimming pool, spa, movie theater, bar almost like a luxurious mini city floating on the ocean just for the holiday purpose, the most of the business of the cruise ships are because of the service they provide, they are not just a mode of transportation now but also a place to spend the vacation and enjoyment. This business become popular because of American middle class family moved from traditional vacation trips to the cruise for new experience.
Costa Concordia was the largest passenger ship to sail under the Italian flag, which was owned by the group of companies called Carnival & Plc. But the costa Concordia was run under the management of the costa Crociere, an Italian company formed in 1854 which has a great history of ocean services, and currently works under the Carnival & Plc. Costa Crociere was the first company to offer the luxury in the cabins with air...

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