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For every disaster that can occur, it is very important to follow an appropriate change management process to reduce potential risks. Disaster are inevitable so as change. Disaster management is used to manage risks and consequences that a disaster could bring. It includes different aspects of planning and responses in all stages of a disaster (Othman and Beydoun 2013, 218). A thorough preparation for possible disaster is a requirement (Rolland and Patterson et al. 2010, 69).

The purpose of this paper is to analyse critically the management of Costa Concordia disaster and how the disaster management impacted on the risks and consequences in the disaster area. This paper also reveals how disaster management influences the management style and process. This paper also recognises lessons that can be learnt to minimise the consequences that occurred.
Causes, Triggers and Drivers
In a disaster, there are number of causes, triggers and drivers for a specific chaos to happen. In Costa Concordia’s issue the main cause of this was the ship hitting a sandbar with a huge rock on Friday evening near the island of Giglio in Italy (Westcott, 2012). This cause was triggered by the captain of the ship have sailed to close to land as this was an unapproved and unauthorised deviation in course (Johnston, 2012) and the captain confessed that he made a navigational error and gave an order for a turn too late (BBC News, 2013). The drivers for the chaos were the rock that the ship hit was not marked on the nautical chart (Johnston, 2012) or failure of electronic navigation systems. The crew of the ship had also failed to give instructions on how to evacuate the ship due to evacuation drill was not conducted earlier (Westcott, 2012). The ship crew also struggled to evaluate the situation and communicated incomplete information to the Italian authorities (BBC News,...

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