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I am an ambitious, creative and enthusiastic individual. Since childhood I have enjoyed mathematics, as it is challenging and consists mostly of problem solving. I have learned to be more computers literate and how to effectively manage my time and also finished computerized accounting in sage line 50. I became interested in accountancy when studying the GCE(O/L) accounting and commerce studies. I completed diploma in accounting in Associate of Accounting Technician and pass foundation level in CIMA. Therefore, I want to further my career in accounting or teaching in the same field.
I particularly enjoy accounting and teaching work, numerical and statistical exercises, and opportunities to work with others as a team. I am confident that these strengths and transferable skills will be developed in a teaching course, and valuable in my subsequent career. I am also teaching my children for eleven plus exams for past two years. This opportunity will allow me to experience firsthand a real life-teaching environment and will hopefully inspire my studies thought my course.
In my spare time I enjoy dancing. I have performed Dance in University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka in 1993 and 1994 and Trinity Centre, Eastham in 2001. I also like to listen and sing to music. I think that performing the performance can help me to increase the team spirit and music can help me relax. I organized and conduct religious programmers, and actively participated in dramas, dance and vocal.

During Year 13 I will be gaining further experience through my work placement at a private tuition centre in Sri Lanka. I am supporting a pupil at my tuition through all departments paired learning scheme. I feel that these opportunities will further develop my passion for teaching and I am looking forward to studying teaching at college. I believe that my strong academic record, my personal qualities and attributes, together with my range of experience working with children will make me a successful student on the course.

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