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COMPANY OVERVIEW (1815 (1815-2009)
Cottle India: Focus on Oral Care Products Offered: • Toothpaste • Tooth Powder • Toothbrush

11.5 billion Dollar company ( 50% from emerging markets)

Over 200 Product ( Home care, Personal care, Oral Care)

4 Geographic Divisions

Products were sold across 450000 retail outlets With the growth of the modern market, Cottle planned to introduce mouthwash and dental floss

1dentist per 10000 people People in rural were least likely to use modern tools like toothbrush and paste, stuck to Neem twigs etc. In 2005 majority did not even visit a Dentist In 2009 50% of Indians not concerned of Dental issues India with a population of 1.16 billion was a huge market for Cottle India

Frequency of Brushing
8% of toothbrush sold in 3 months were replaced Strategy was to have Basic Model at competitive prices Cottle Had 46% Market share, with 2 more major competitors Growth rate of oral Sector nearly 10%
1/week 2/week 3/week 1/day 2/day



9% 22%


Products By Cottle India end Low-end Manual The Complete, Sensitooth, Fresh gum, surround, kidsie Mid range Manual Zagger, Directionflex Battery operated Swirl, Swirl Refills

Affordability Oral Hygiene Awareness Frequency of Use Distribution and Accessibility
• The disposable Income • 80% Indians lived on less than 2 $ per day • 50% Indians don’t care about Dental well being • Only 39% brush their teeth once a day

• Majority of the rural Lacked the access to Healthcare

Persuading consumers to brush for the first time Increasing the incidence of brushing and Persuading consumers to upgrade to midrange or premium...

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