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Could the Legalization of Marijuana Be a New Step to a Less Violent Sociaty 

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Could legalization of marijuana pave the way to a modern and less violent society ?

Plan :

1) Proposition California ( modern or chaotic state ? 2) The debate : fear or hope. 3) The arguments in favour : Financial, Mexicant cartels (tempered by BRAND study) ( it’s a good start. 4) The argument oppos : the raising of consumers and the consequence on heath. 5) The portuguese exemple tempered by the differences between the countries. 6) The conservative views : an break to mernisation, the exemple of prohibtion in the thirties al Capone. 7) Let’s be modern !


Next month, a proposition which legalises marijuana will be voted in the state of california. According to the polls proposition 19 has a big shot of becoming a state law, making California the first amercian state to legalize marijuana.
The proposition stipulates that adults could grow own and consume a little bit of marijuana for personal pleasure.

If adopted, will this law make California a modern state or a chaotic one ?

Those two perspectives are on one hand a hope for the majority and a fear for the others.

The debate opposing those in favour of leagalising marijuana and those against is old.
In 1972 more than 30 years ago, the opponents would have won at a rate of 2 against one, now we’re facing the oposite.
But this fact isn’t a revolution.
It’s more likely to be the result of an evolution of minds :
Indeed in 1997 a big step was made towards legalization : a state law permitted canabis to be used for medicinal purposes with the consent of a doctor.
Today we’re facing a total legalization and this widely because of the convincing arguments of the people in favour of it.

We will first analyse the arguments in favour of the legalisation before studying those opposing it.

We will then see, the obvious solution that this study...

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