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My audience is an important factor in the writing process. As the person writing the essay I must consider who will be reading it. My thoughts are a key factor in holding the audience’s attention and keeping it as they read. When writing, I must make sure I know that my purpose and audience are aligned with each other. Different types of writing need different types of audiences to make sure that the writing is successful. When writing a personal piece I can play on any part of the audience’s emotions. When writing technically or for a special subject then I must be able to adapt to the audience that would read and respond to the essay.
When writing for my audience I consider the subject at hand. I tend to make sure that my writing can translate into thoughts that the audience can relate to. I try to make sure that my writing skills are precise and that I stay on the subject. I know that I must be able to write a piece that will engage the audience and allow me to express my opinion. I also try to make sure that I state facts in my writing to make sure that the audience is not led under false pretenses.
When writing a piece for an academic subject I must make sure that I am using the correct vocabulary for that subject. I must use subject-verb agreement and make sure that I stay on that subject. I must make sure that I rely on what I have learned in that academic area and use it in my writing. To be able to communicate the subject matter with the audience is also important. This will allow me to show what I have been taught and relay it to the audience in a way that they understand.
From a professional standpoint I must write facts on what the field is about. I must be able to research the field that I am writing about to be able to allow the audience to learn about the field. I must make sure that I am using the facts that I find to be able to allow the audience interested in that field to become more interested. A professional standpoint will allow me to use technical vocabulary to show what I have learned about the field. The sentences that I use in this type of essay must be of appropriate length for a professional essay to make sure that I cover all of the facts.
Special interest essays allow me to play on the audience’s emotions. With special interest essays I am able to use vocabulary that will capture my audience’s attention and keep it. I would be able to use figurative language in this type of essay to be able to evoke all types of emotions. Special interests essays allow me to write emotionally. This will help me to express my feelings as I am writing. Special interest essays also allow me to develop my writing. It helps me to be able to get the critiques I need to write better.
When writing for special audiences it is important to identify who is in the audience. It is also important to be able to show that the words in the essay can adapt to what the audience is looking for. Expressing one’s thoughts can help in writing development and give the audience a good essay to read. As an emerging writer I have learned to make sure that I consider my audience. They are one of the most important factors in determining if I am successful in getting my essay correct.

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