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The story is about a country mouse and a city mouse. The country mouse lives in a simple house and eats simple food. By comparison, the city mouse lives in a beautiful house and eats well every day. The country mouse wants the life of the city mouse. However, after he goes with the city mouse to taste experience (CH) city life, he does not like it any more. The country mouse prefers to be poor and happy rather than be rich and afraid. (82)
In my opinion, the story is quite interesting and inspiring in general because it teaches us a life lesson. To me (=I think), the ending seems the most interesting part of the story.
This is because in the end the country mouse suddenly realizes/learns that he does not want a rich and dangerous life, but a simple and happy one. I like this part because it also inspires us/leads us to think deeply about our own lives. We might think that a good life means a rich life. However, (=But) according to the story, a good life should be simple and happy. It gives us a different idea about life, which I also agree with itthis . Therefore,
(=so) I think this story is interesting and inspiring. (122)
Deconstruction: yes, this forms a very good base for your teaching script – well done! VPs:
 GREEN: Mental*8; > BLUE: Relational*6; > PINK: Material*3
Mental process and relational process are significant in this commentary. A few material verbs occur.
Reason: Mental verbs construe both the change of mind of the country mouse 2
(which is the important evidence of your analysis) and your own opinions towards the story. In order to describe it, you need relational verbs to relate (relational verbs) your thinking to the facts in the story. Material verbs construe the effect of the story on you (What is its significance to you? How does it affect you?).
 The structure of VPs is mostly...

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