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Tuong An Co., want to expand its business into India; thus; we need a detail plan to make our penetration into India market. When we do analyze about the Indian cultural and analysis, we find the information that is general in nature, focusing on product categories. Therefore, we will perform the next to parts “Market Audit and Competitive market analysis” and “Preliminary marketing plan”.
In part III, “Market Audit and Competitive market analysis”, the data generated in part III are used to determine the extent of adaptation of the company’s marketing mix necessary for successful market entry to the develop the final step, the action plan. This part concludes some evaluations of the products, the description of our market in India. Moreover, we also compare and contrast our “Van Tho” vegetable oil and the competition’s products. We also give some numerous data to easier forecast about this market.
In part IV, “Preliminary marketing plan”, we will gather the information from Part I “Cultural analysis” to part III to develop a marketing plan for “Van Tho” vegetable oil in the our target market in India, Mumbai and New Delhi. We would point out the opportunities, threats, strengths, weaknesses to understand what we have and what we have to do next. We also provide the plan of promotion, distribution when we first introduce our “Van Tho” vegetable oil in our target market. Also provided in this paper is other information which is necessary for our plan.
This paper can be a market orientation to help our company around company objectives, markets, and the competitive environment. Doing business in home country involves much difficult. However, doing business internationally, the problems are multiplied. Therefore, it is important to do this paper in order to make things easier when we do business in a country which we are new to everything.…...

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