Country Risk and Strategic Planning Analysis Paper

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Country Risk and Strategic Planning Analysis Paper

University of Phoenix
Kathryn Hayman
December 19, 2011

Team C has decided to conduct a country risk analysis for the country of Mexico. The selected business venture is about laptop computers. When it comes to global business ventures there also comes a great amount of risks. In the following paragraphs is an analysis of the following risks; political, legal, and regulatory risks, exchange and repatriation of funds risks, competitive risk assessment, taxation and double taxation risks, market risks, distribution and supply chain risks, physical and environmental challenges to entering and operating in a target market, social and cultural risks, and cyber or technology risks. A description of how these risks would be managed and a summary of the strategic planning process will be explained.
Mexico has a moderate political risk according to AM Bests Country risk report. Mexico ties with large, developed countries that are very strong has help them in this aspect when it comes to their political risk. NAFTA North American Fair Trade Agreement also helps in this respect since it is now one of the largest free trade areas. This agreement was established between the Unites States, Canada, and Mexico and became effective on January 1, 1994. This alliance has brought economic growth and rising standards to the citizens of these three countries. There are many advantages of NAFTA, being that it has created the world’s largest free trade area, and links 444 million people and produces nearly $17 trillion in goods and services annually is that it eliminates tariffs that create agreements on international rights for business investors. This reduces the cost of trade and spurs investment and growth for large and small businesses. When tariffs are eliminated this also reduces inflation by decreasing…...