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Courage In The Odyssey

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The dauntless odyssey
The odyssey Translated by Robert Fitzgerald is an epic about the trojan war and all the obstacles Odysseus faced for 10 years to return to his loving and beautiful Penelope. Facing multiple problems like a crowd of suitors determined to take what is his, not having any support from the Gods but yet always determined to return home
An epic hero possesses the character traits most valued by the society which they are in. Like for example physical strength, mental quickness, bravery, and respect. Which Odysseus portrays all these at one point or multiple times throughout the story

To the greeks, courage was the ability that a strong more solid had.Odysseus displays the trait of courage multiple times
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Your clean-cut game is over. Now watch me hit a target that no man has hit before if I can make this shot. Help me, Apollo.”(22.5-7)
Odysseus didn't like that his kingdom got ruined and the suitors took advantage of the hospitality. Tried to take everything that is his, that he built, take his wide, and kill his son. Also, he showed his strength by stringing his bow that knows one could string.

The traits that Odysseus has are the traits that a true Homeric hero but also he has very cunning intelligence, cleverness, and mental quickness. His mental quickness has helped him on may occasions.
Of course one of the many problems Odysseus encountered was the cyclopes incident. Lawless creatures who have no wisdom and that they have no hospitality.
“In the next island we found were cyclopes, giants, without a law to bless them.” (9.113-14)
Odysseus had the courage and strength to drive a stake through. The eye of Polyphemus who is the son of Poseidon. Blinding him and allowing his men to escape.
The beautiful trojan horse which was another of Odysseus great master plans. Odysseus had the ability to be able to think right under pressure.
“Odysseus, but here is something he dared to do “ (4.259-260), “Odysseus to the trojans, till he got back to camp where the longships lay “

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