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Faculty contact (Email-id and Mobile) : +919820306565

Required text book : Human Resource Management: Text and Cases
7th Edition – K. Aswathappa

Additional / Suggested Readings :

1. Human Resource Management – 12th Edition – Gary Dessler & Biju Varkkey
2. Strategic Human Resource Management: A Resource Driven Perspective 1st Edition – Pulak Das

Course Objectives:

• Developing an awareness and appreciation of the role of contribution of HRM in organizations
• Understanding significance of various HRM activities such as Manpower Planning, Selection, Recruitment, Performance Evaluation, Learning and Development, Compensation & Benefits at the functional, operational and strategic levels of the organization
• Analyzing the effectiveness of human resource policy and functions within the organization
• Understanding the challenges of managing a global workforce to ensure engagement for high performance.


The teaching / learning methodology for the course is based on discussion of readings and cases supported with Role plays and Lectures through ppt. Session wise details:

Session Coverage Case Studies Required Pre-Reading

Importance, scope and challenges of HRM in organizations (98204)
Why doesn’t this HR Department get any respect? – Robert Galford

Section 1: Chapter 1 – 3
- K. Aswathappa

HBR Articles:
1. A new mandate for Human Resources – Dave Ulrich

Human Resource Planning
Class Discussion and Lecture Section 2: Chapter 4 – 5
- K. Aswathappa

Article: Job Evaluation - Hay

Selection and Recruitment
SC Cowen: New Recruits
– Thomas Delong, Vineeta Vijayaraghavan

Section 2: Chapter 6 – 7
- K. Aswathappa

HBR Articles:
1. Note on the Hiring and Selection…...

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