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Course Project Part 2 - Pro 592

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Course Project Part 2
PROJ592 Proj. Cost and Schedule Control
Leon Constructions, LLC (Construction of Residential Complex)

Angel Carrasquilla
Keller Graduate School – MSc Project Management

1. Executive Summary

Leon Constructions LLC, is a construction company that specializes in the residential and commercial building construction in Florida. The company normally constructs residential and commercial buildings for sell for a bigger profit, or leasing the spaces for other companies. And this project is one that the have taken in order to make a more suburn area in the state of florida, specifically in North Lauderdale. The scope of this project involves site and land development, design, construction and final finishing of this building. The Company would use an integrated approach to the construction approach and methodology. The approach, methodologies and techniques used in this project emphasize upon the following key points:

* Effective site planning, land development and site preparation * Timely and good quality construction of the building meeting the design specification * The building should meet all the business related objective such as: * cost and quality objective * Schedule and resource objective as mentioned in the project charter * Timeline for this project * All statutory laws and regulations, guidelines and standards

This project will meet all the statutory guidelines and regulations and would be reviewed by appropriate bodies during the project construction.

2. Project scope statement

3.1. Project Deliverables:

Scope Item | Scope Item Description | SI Approver | Leon Constructions LLC | 1.1 Environment and other statutory clearance | Getting the environment and all other statutory clearance | Project sponsors and Project Manager | 1.2 Land Acquisition and site...

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