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Course Project Part a

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Course Project Part A

This report includes a comparision of 50 AJ DAVIS department store credit card customers. The report takes 5 individual variables, location, income ($1000), size, years (the number of years a customer lived in a certain location) and credit balance (the customer’s current credit card balance on the store’s credit card, in dollars) and compares them both graphically and numerically. A. The first variable discussed in location of the customers. The chart below is a bar graph seperating the 50 credit card customers into rural, suburban and urban locations. The bar graph shows that most of the credit card customers are located in urban areas and the least amount of credit card customers are located in rural areas.

B. The second variable discussed in the income of the household in thousands based on the histogram and box plot below. The histogram shows the frequency in which credit card customers with household incomes between $20,000 and $65,000 have credit cards. The boxplot shows where the highs and lows of those income categories fall.

C. The third variable graphed is the years the credit card customer has lived in their current location. Based on the histogram below most credit card customers have lived in their current location around 15 years. The histogram shows the tallest frequency above the 15 year mark. Whereas the dotplot shows that the highest number of years is at 14 and 18 years.

D. The first paring of variables discussed are the income of the credit card customer’s household versus the size of the household. Since each red dot marks a specific household from the sample then the scatterplot below shows that the majority of credit card customers only have 2 people in their household. The least amount of credit card customers have households with 7 people...

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