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Course Project Proj 595

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Course Project Paper Part II
Salvage CSS Georgia
Branden Pevear
Keller Graduate School of Management
PROJ 595
Willie “Alex” Hosch

Table of Contents
Table of Contents 2
Introduction 3
Decision Tree Analysis 3
Discussion of Decision Tree 3
References 7

The expanding of the shipping waterway in Savannah, Georgia, won't be dredging up just mud, silt, and sand, it will be raising up a link to the past: an “iron-sided” ship that secured the city of Savanah during the Civil War. That was until the ship was deliberately scuttled so it would not fall into Union military hands at the end of the war.
The raising and removal of the CSS Georgia is an essential federal, and state proposal that includes the increasing the channel depth to 50 feet. This increase of depth is to permit the larger cargo ships access to come into the harbor without relying on the schedule of the tides. In order for that channel depth increase, the CSS Georgia needs to be removed from its sunken position and moved to a salvagable location for furture use.
U.S. Navy divers will need to take exceptional caution because of the strong likelihood that live ammunition and powder are still inside the wreckage.
Risk Management Planning The program manager directing the slavage project group and the project stakeholders will, in accordance with ATOM (David Hillson, 2012), assure that the risks are recognized, and peoperly managed through the lifecycle of the salvage project. Hazards, both negative and postive, will be classified promptly so that the risks do not overall impact on the project. The Project Manager using the ATOM method will serve as the Risk Manager for this project.
Risk Identification Risk ID is one of the most important steps of risk management. In Chapter 5 of ATOM (David Hillson, 2012) Risk ID is spelled out in a step by step process that…...

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