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This research paper is being submitted on January 11, 2014 by Betty Taylor for Introduction to Sociology. The social construction of sexual orientation is of interest to me due to the fact that this has become an issue in society. Throughout time more and more people have been more straight forward with their sexual orientation and in some areas of society have not been accepted for who they are. I myself have had this issue and actually lost a job due to it. The social construction of sexual orientation is based on the symbolic-interaction theory and conflict theory. It is mostly based on the conflict theory due to the conflict it has caused in many areas throughout society. Sociological theories of suicide has had a great impact on many lives throughout time and some of these suicides does affect society as a whole, especially when it is someone who is well known or famous. Every day there is a suicide that takes place in every state or community. There are many different theories to why suicide takes place but in reality no one can really say why someone feels the need to take their own life because with each individual there is always a different motive to it. A sociological theory of suicide goes with both the conflict theory and the symbolic theory because of the kind of impact it has on other people lives. The purpose of poverty in America was one that I found to be offset from my original two topics I chose and thought maybe it be interesting to learn more about. Poverty takes place on a daily bases throughout the United States and continues to grow with the way the world is today. There are many ways to help with poverty and lower the amount of poverty that takes place. The purpose of poverty is the structural-functional theory as well as conflict…...

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