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Detailed Lesson Plan in English 1


Submitted to: MR. ERNESTO P.CADS

Detailed Lesson Plan in English

I-Objectives During the period, the students are expected to:
1. Use the different forms of comparison of adjective correctly;
2. Enumerate the rules in comparing things.persons and places;
3.Participate in activities relevant to the topic.
II-Subject Matter Topic: Comparison of Adjectives Reference: Better English for Philippine High School Josephine Serrano pp.149-151 Materials: Pictures, chalk,visual aids.
Teacher's Activities Student's Activities
Task 1-Routinely Activities
Let us start our day casting our- selves to the lord.Everybody is invited (the students stand for an opening prayer) to stand for an opening prayer.

_________________,Lead the prayer. Let us pray classmate.In the name of the father and the son and of the holy Holy spirit....AMEN
You may now take your seat Thank you, sir!
3.Checking of attendance May i know who are absent for today? In your group _____________ There is none,sir Lance
How about your group________? Sir lance none!
The last but not the least the group of _________. sir lance there is no absent in our group. I'm glad that we have a perpect attendance.

Task 2- review Okay! Class, who among you remember what we have discussed last meeting? Sir, we have discussed about adjectives. good!What is an adjective?anyone from the class who tell us the meaning of adjctive? An adjective is aword that modifies noun or pronoun.
Very Good!Now who can give example of adjective? Smart sir!
Another! sir,powerful.
Yes!correct,what else? pretty
Right!class I have two boxes here who among you want to know what's inside it? (one of the student will get the object in the box.)
So what did you find? Sir a cellphone!
Yes! a cellphone, can you describe the color and the shape? The color is black,a rectangular in shape sir.
How about the texture? sir,it is smooth,a touch screen cellphone.
Absolutely correct!
Now, let's find out what is contained in the second box.Come here________________ Get the object ,then describe it. Sir lance, it is a bracelate.It is a colorful.
Another tell something about that bracelate. the bracelate is simple but elegant sir.
Excellent!You have made a good description of the object.
Now,will you tell the class the adjectives that you have used in describing the bracelate? ELEGANT,SIR LANCE!
Okay!What else? Sir, simple and colorful
Great! I'm glad that you have a through understanding of our topic yesterday.

Task 3- Motivation

Who among you watch television? who knows Angel locsin? Sir!
Okay!what about Bea alonzo? sir! What about the Miss universe 2016? PIA ALONZO WURTHBACH Sir!
Correct!So we have angel locsin,bea alonzo and pia alonzo wurthbach

Class,look at these.Here are pictures of the three girls that we mentioned awhile ago.What can you say about their physical apperance? Sir, angel locsin is sexier than bea alonzo but pia is the sexiest.
Absolutely correct!
What about their hair? Pia has longer hair than bea but angel locsin has the longest hair among them.
Very well said!
I'm glad to know that you can.If you do, you definitely know how to compare things and places,too.with that,we can now proceed to our topic for today,which is the COMPARISON OF ADJECTIVE.

Task 4- Presentation Class ,i have prepared some group activities which i bet you will find interesting.GROUP 1 will assume that you are living in an island.GROUP 2 will pretend that you are living in the forest.GROUP 3
Will think that you are living in the dessert.Your going to write in the manila paper what are describing your places.
And each group have a representative to report in the front of the class and your going to compare those places which one is the better or the best.

You have 5 minutes to accomplish your task.
Is it clear class? Yes! sir
Any question? None, sir

Task 5-Discussion

Okay!Time is up.
Can we hear the outcome of your work?
Any representative for group 1? Living in the island are the more comfortable to live compare to forest and is easy to catch fish.And have assurance for the safety of the lives
Good!let's give them a 3 clap.
How about group 2? Sir,We all know that in the forest it is the most dangerous to live,but for us it is more adventurous that to live in dessert
Very good!
Give them a 3 clap
Last group 3,What about your comparison you have made?can we hear that? In desert it is the most difficult to live because of the very hot climate,but for us it is the most challengeable places to live.
Very well said! Let's give them a 3 clap
In group 1 they used the adjective more comfortable,in what form of adjective is that? Comparative Sir adrian

Yes!,correct! Another adjective is most challengeable. Sir superlative adjective

Right! what about the word easy? Positive form sir
Did you understand the form of adjective and its uses? YES!SIR.

Task 6-Generalization

Now, let us summarize the forms of adjectives.
When do we use the comparative and superlative degree of adjective?Please read. We use comparative comparing two things and superlative in comparing 3 or more things.
That's right!
But how is the comparative degree of adjective? The comparative of adjective is formed by adding-er if it has one or two syllables only. very good!
How about the superlative degree? how is it formed? the superlative degree of adjective is formed by adding- est if it has one or two syllables only.
How aboutif it the adjectives consist of three or more syllables. We use more or less in comparative and most or leas in superlative degree.. okay!All you answer are correct to compare two things ,use the comparative degree
.Add er to one two syllables djectives,with two or more syllables. just like in these examples:

*Althea 's voice is louder than mhea's.
*Althe is more beautiful than mhea.

Will you read the first sentence. Althea's voice is louder than mhea's.
How abput the second example? Althea is more beatiful than mhea.
Okay!On the other hand,to compare three or more things use superlative degree
.Add est to one or two syllables adjectives and use most or least for adjctives with two or more syllables.
As seen in the given example.
*Althea is the brightest in class.
*Of all the girls,Althea is the most beautiful.
Kindly read the first example. Althea is the brightest in class. how about the second example? Of all the girls,Althea is the most beautiful. okay!do you have any question abput thecomparative and superlative degree of adjectives? we have none sir. so let's answer this activity to make it clear.

Task 7-Application

Give the correct form of the adjectives in parenthesis
1.They are even_______than anecdoctes.(funny)
2.This books is________than any other books in my collections.(expensive)
3.Aerobics is_________than kickboxing regards in gymnastic.(unique)
4This is the__________street i have ever seen.(wide)
5.Ana's car is________than her husband according to their neighbors.(attractive)

Will you read the directions?
Yes,________________ give the correct form of adjectives in the parenthesis. thank you!____________
Who wants to answer # 1?
Okay!________________ funnier,sir.they are even funnier than anecdotes.
That's rigth!Let's now leave #2?
Yes,______ This book is more expensive than any other book in my collections.sir, more expensive.
Corre!How about # 3? okay!_____________ aerobics is more unique r egards in gymnastic.sir.more unique.
Good!Next,Question # 4
Yes!________ widest sir,this is the widest streer i have ever seen.
Very good!how about last # 5?
Yes!____________ sir more attractive,Ana's car is more attractive than her husband according to their neighbors.
Excellent!i'm glad that you can now form the comparative and superlative degree of adjctives on you own. any question? None sir


Now get 1/4 sheet of paper.

Direction: Complete the table by giving the correct form of the given adjectives.

Positive comparative Superlative

2. nearer
4 most active

Are you through? Yes,sir
Okay!Let us check.will you read the direction_________ Complete the table by giving the correct form of the given adjctives. thank you!________ no.1.who wants to answer? prettier.prettiest
Correct!How about no 2? near,nearest
Good!Next no 3 merrier,merriest correct again!How about no. 4 active,more active very Good!Last no 5 more admirable,most admirable
Now, who got a perfect score?
How about 4? 3? 2? 1? sir,sir,sir

Very good!

I'm glad that you have fully understand our topic for today.

Is ther any other question? None,sir

If there is none, you may now get your notebook and copy your assignment (the students will copy)


1.Read,"Let's save our planet". a students,what is you responsibility toward nature? ref.communication for Progress I pp.217-219 Are you through? yes,sir

will you read your assignment yes_________ The student read the ass.

is there any other question? none,sir if none,everybody is stand up

Okay!that's all for today goodbye class!

goodbye1 sir.thak you for taeching us today...!

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