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ACCO 330 - Summer 2016



• The groups should have no less than 4 students and no more than 5 students. • Each group should select a topic on a contemporary management accounting topic of your choice. (Refer to the course outline to identify a potential topic) • Each group must provide the instructor on Tuesday May 10th the name of your group members and the topic you have selected. • A copy of your group project report must be submitted to your instructor no later than on session 12 (June 9th).

Report content (suggested)

The body of the report may include the following elements: - Introduction (purpose and scope) – ½ page - Topic overview – 2 pages - Overview of Company 1 – 3 pages - Overview of Company 2 – 3 pages - Analysis – 3 pages - Conclusion (closure) – ½ page

Research data • Your report should contain references from at least seven recently published sources (academic articles, books, economic and business press releases).

Report format Long report format (cover page, table of contents, body of the report, appendices) • Body of the report (12 pages; double spaced, 12 font) • Business report; ensure visual variety of the report content (headings, sub-headings, bullets, highlights)

Report grading criteria

20%: Communication skills (organization, presentation, tone, language, and flow) 60%: Content (depth of analysis, clarity of issues, relationship among concepts, integration of own ideas). 20%: Literature research (quality of research, integration in the report)

Project organization Prepare a work plan (what, who, when); provide buffers for unforeseen events Key steps (complete research before midterm; complete report writing after midterm)

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