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The lawyer of the accused tried to defend by saying that the above mentioned story about crime scene was far from reality but the judge refused it when the criminal history is cited by the victim’s lawyer that the accused criminal already has the record of murder trial that was started in six month before, he also referred the criminal’s girlfriend who declared herself as a hostile witness.
The victim’s lawyer also presented the Toxicological reports that have the clear evidences of identical sweat, fiber and finger prints matches.
When these evidences presented, the criminal’s lawyer had no way but to accept and keep silence, after examining the report and evidences the Judge started to express his remarks by saying that “Quite Shocking”. He further said that Mr. A and Mr. O was the respective and law-abiding citizens and has no any criminal records, who were rammed and assaulted by the accused person and his gang in a highly violent and inhuman manner.
Judge further said that the criminal also has a record of previous hearing but he didn’t learn any lesson from them. Judge further added that this action is reprehensible morally and this crime is very high in the ranking of manslaughter. Finally, the judge sentenced the 10 years among the final year suspended for the manslaughter.

This court visit and the proceeding of above mentioned case opened many dimension in front of me. This visit enriched my experience about the criminal court and its proceeding about the particular case, the way that both parties argued and raised the concerns and the deep thinking ability of the judge who gave final judgment.
Furthermore, there are plenty of issues that need to be addressed but another important point that is noticed generally about the Proceeding, is the media coverage. The main concern that is raised by the court officials is about the live camera coverage,

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