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The Lancaster court-house is a massive structure of stone and brick, one hundred and sixty-four feet in length, seventy-two feet wide, and two stories high. The basement is made of sandstone and the superstructure is made of brick covered with a roughcast coating of mastic. A portico on the southern and another on the northern end of the building, also a pediment on its eastern side, are each supported by six fluted stone columns, with ornamental capitals of the Composite order. The columns stand on buttresses raised to the height of the floor of the second story with volutes and abacuses that flare out at the capital. The bases are rounded using the ionic order of style mounted on the stylobate. Roman Ionic style was used to symbolize law, justice, and power while exhibiting a feeling of trust and security when walking up the steps to the entrance while the high walls on either side force the eyes forward and up. The depth of the columns and overhanging roof gives the visitor a feeling of entering the building before actually entering the main building which is similar to the temples built during the Roman movement. The columns give the appearance of being sectioned together similar to the traditional Roman style. This is representative by the slight color variations found throughout the length of the column. Instead of being sculpted in place using long and heavy pieces of marble or other material or being cast in place with cement, the columns were built in sections to provide the viewer a more reminiscing appearance of realism. The frieze is plain and does not incorporate any triglylphs that would be used in the Doric order of architectural. The entablature is simplistic and minimalistic, again adding to the Ionic order of architectural and giving the viewer the appreciation of strength without over stimulus of details. The cornices are vertical, evenly spaced to give definition to the transition of wall to roof system. From the center of the roof rises a cupola, which is crowned by a statue of Justice holding the scales. In the cupola is a clock, which has four dials, facing north, south, east, and west. In the south end of the court-house is the main entrance, which is reached by a flight of stone steps (equal in length to the width of the building) rising from the East King Street sidewalk. The lower story is occupied by the several county offices. In the upper story is the court-room, eighty-three feet long, sixty-six feet wide, and twenty-five feet high, handsomely frescoed and decorated. Adjoining this is a large room devoted to the use of the law library. The courts and offices are well accommodated in this building, which, having now been in use for nearly thirty years, seem likely to fill the requirements of the county for half a century more
It is an important example of the Romanesque Revival style.

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