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Per our conversation earlier, here is how we can break it down. 3 Best in class slides. 0. B.I.C. customer service chat box (check out AT&T) 0. What is the platform and a top line of how it works? 0. What are customers saying about the service? Are there reviews? 0. Is their customer service (specifically associated with the chat box) getting any buzz? 0. Who developed it? 0. B.I.C. customer service from a social media aspect (check out Amazon on twitter) 0. Top line on how it works? 0. How do customers feel about it? 0. Is their customer service (specifically associated with the use of social media) getting any buzz? 0. B.I.C. customer service from a competitor (check out Dyson) 0. Summarize their customer service strategy 0. What they offer 0. Top line on how it works 0. What are customers saying about the service? Reviews? 0. Is their customer service getting any buzz?
Lets talk about it before EOD to make sure your initial questions are answered.

Electronic Consumer Service Strategies

* Create faster response systems for our consumers * Reduce Email Response Time – (same day) * Develop Online Chat Capabilities * Move to a more proactive approach .vs. reactive approach * Continuous evaluation of online monitoring tools * Create superior self-service and help systems for our consumers * Exterior facing knowledgebase with search & learning capabilities *, IVR, & others * Create “world class” electronic media capabilities and service * Establish required systems and personnel skill sets * Benchmark & Establish Global Online Media Metrics * First time resolution * Sentiment scoring guidelines *...

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