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I was born and raised in California and had never experienced dining at the California Pizza Kitchen. I have heard about it through a few other people and passed by it numerous times. It never occurred to me to go experience eating and dining at this traditional American restaurant. This restaurant was established in 1985 in Los Angeles, California. When I was growing up, my family use to take us on road trips every so often down south to Los Angeles and San Diego. Every time we went there, I would see the sign, but never had a desire to eat there. I would see this bright, yellow sign with a single palm tree, the name, California Pizza Kitchen right below on a square shape tilted so the points are pointing North, South, West, East. The yellow sign attracted my attention and grabs other people’s attention I would think. I believe the yellow is a symbol of sun, which describes the feel of southern California. After so many years of hearing about it by word of mouth, I finally made the decision to try this food, California Pizza Kitchen, that the American people have been raving about. As I come walking into this restaurant in Los Angeles, I noticed the outside had tables, seating for four, an umbrella, lighting/heater post, and a gate for privacy and distinction. It was also very clean. This patio area is very attractive and grabs my attention. As I enter, I notice immediately the feel of the place is extremely relaxing and intimate. There’s music playing in the background and the volume is on low. You can barely hear it until you sit down. The color of the room is neutral, the lighting is dim, and the glass doors bring in natural lighting. The tables, chairs, and booths are all medium brown to match the color scheme and set a relaxing mood. I browse through the menu for drinks. I noticed how pricey they are. I wonder if they’re better than the ones you procure at the grocery store or the manufacturer they selected that produces this for them. There’s an ad on all the tables advertising a whole glass of wine equivalent to four servings is $4, and half a glass of wine equivalent to two servings is $2. I order it and they say its $8 for a whole and $4 for half. The server says that ad is no longer valid, yet it’s on all the tables. This is bad for business, which is false advertisement and misleading to the customers. It had been sitting there for a few months from what the ad had stated, but no one has brought it up to management’s attention. I would not want other people to be as confused as I was. I complained to the manager and they assure me they will bring it up to their head marketing department. I assume the head marketing department will discontinue producing the ad. They also provided me with a gift card for half off my next visit and dessert on the house. They should’ve given me my drinks and/or my meal on the house. They were extremely apologetic about it, but it ruined the mood of the place. Now, when taking my order, I had two or three different waiters and they were not communicating. I’m not satisfied with my customer service with my drink, but since they were courteous to my needs I decided to continue with my order. As I try to calm down, I look through the menu on main dishes and finally decide what I want. The server gives me complimentary bread and butter as my appetizer while I wait. Usually, I expect the bread to be soft, moist, and warm. It was neither of the three. I continued to spread the butter, which, to say the least, was smooth and soft. All the appetizers are overpriced and are enough to be an entrée than only an appetizer. I order my main dish, classic California, “The Works” pizza. The pizza had a thin, hard crust, the toppings were warm and melted in my mouth. It wasn’t the best pizza I had. It may have been the whole experience of the ad that made me disgruntled, but I literally wasn’t satisfied. The employees did their best, but their best wasn’t satisfactory. They were hesitant about assisting me with my complaint. When I asked who the manager was, they didn’t even know who the manager was on duty. When I talked to the manager in charge, he looked fearful of my complaint. His demeanor appeared as though he wasn’t the real manager, but was the one in charge presently. I lost my appetite to this place that had the deceiving appearance and rumored to be great. Although, they served with a smile, they insinuated on the words I was communicating to them. My overall experience was not as pleasant and satisfying as I would’ve enjoyed. I give them a rating of two out of five for their effort. The food may have been more tasteful to eat if they hadn’t misled me. I suggest they make sure their menu is up to date and their employees are better trained.

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