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Cps Mother Diary Research

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Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies

Summer Internship Project Report


Value Addition and Cost Reduction Across Milk Sales Division of MOTHER DAIRY

Project Duration: 9th April 2012 to 8th June 2012



This is to certify that Mr/Ms SUNIL YADAV PRN no. 11020441063 has completed his project report on the topic “MOTHER DAIRY- AN APPROACH TOWARDS VALUE ADDITION & COST REDUCTION” under my guidance.

Prof Nitya Krishna


I hereby declare that the project entitled “MOTHER DAIRY-AN APPROACH TOWARDS VALUE ADDITION & COST REDUCTION” submitted for the MBA Degree is my original work and the project has not formed the basis for the award of any degree, associate ship, fellowship or any other similar titles.

Date: 31/7/2012


Company project study is meant to provide a student with hands on experience and to acquaint them with the actual work culture. I have gained immensely from my project in terms of understanding the business dynamics & work flow.

I would like to convey my deep sense of gratitude to my mentor Mr. Susheel Malla DGM HR(Milk Sales) for providing me constant guidance and giving me useful insights about my topic…...

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