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Cr Js 105 Unit 1

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Unit 1 IP CRJS 105


After reading this paper you will be able to explain the differences between Criminologists, Criminalists, and Forensic psychologists and the differences in their discipline of expertise. Additionally, this paper will briefly discuss blue collar crimes vs. white collar crimes, the way in which the FBI reports and measures these crimes in their Uniformed Crime Reporting (UCR) system. The author further elucidates blue collar crimes and how their culture is more populated by the media. This paper also includes the variations of Index I and Index II crimes and the manner in which they are reported either as violent or property crimes under the UCR system, as well as, the sentence that accompany such crimes. The author concludes this paper with a basic understanding of these three fields and the importance of their role within our criminal justice system that together create a unified force to battle crime.


To get a better understanding of how our criminal justice system operates, society needs to know the involvement and the many specialists that are needed to keep our communities safe as well as, get the criminals off the streets to prevent them from committing future crime. One should look at it like baking a cake and each ingredient is an important part of the recipe. 1st ingredient is the investigation, 2nd ingredient is solving the crime, 3rd ingredient is corrections for these offenses. Finally 4th ingredient is the icing on the cake, preventing criminal behavior and preventing crimes associated to this behavior from being committed.

* Explain the differences between criminologists, criminalists, and forensic psychologists and their respective areas of study. Criminology is the study that is within...

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