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An Analysis of the Consensual Relationship Agreements Case Study Assignment 1


STUDENT NAME: Lloyd D. Gaines Jr.


Dr. W. D. Wilkerson Professor:

BUS 520: Leadership and Organization Behavior

April 16, 2012

Consensual Relationship Agreements Case Study


The Purpose of this case study is to examine the Consensual Relationship Agreement Case Study. “Historically, sexual relationships between employees have been viewed as private matters beyond the purview of the company and not involving special ethical issues” (Stamler, Pace & Stone p.218 1997) Employees who engage in workplace relations usually have to sign a contract. This contract ensures that the involved parties will uphold the strict policies and standards of employee etiquette. A typical consensual relationship agreement includes the guidelines on how love struck staff should behave. In analyzing the case, concepts will be identified in the areas of organizational behavior models of individual, group, and organizational processes how ethical decisions are made, and concepts of individual differences, personality traits, and perspectives. According to Hellriegel & Slocum (2011) the characteristics of a Consensual Relationship Agreement is defined as contract that set boundaries on certain office romance situations. They go as the following: Decreasing sexual harassment litigation risk, reducing perceptions of favoritism, creating a forum to discuss professional workplace behavior, and reminding dating employees the lack of privacy in the workplace. This is to ensure all relationships are voluntary and consensual.

1. Argue for the use of Consensual Relationship Agreements in Your current (or future) Workplace. There have...

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