Creating a Social Program

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Creating Social Program
HSM240 Week Nine


Human services is more than just helping people, it is a network of values, structure, leadership, and planning. Beyond is an organization that will provide support services to adults with disabilities. This organization will establish itself as a leading resource to better help aid disabled Americans. In order to complete exception services, the for-profit organization will build on its profits to establish new and creative opportunities in rehabilitation, employment, and job trainings. The organization will establish a foundation by developing a mission, value statement, and purpose. A team of ethical leaders will establish a mission statement, code of ethics, and leadership in the community.

The target population Beyond will provide services for are adults with disabilities. The minimum age to be a client with the organization is 21 years of age. In addition, clients must provide a professional medical documentation stating their disabilities in order to become a client of the organization. Client’s disabilities will range from individuals that utilize wheelchairs to adults with personality disorders. Employees will be certified and trained to supervise adults with disabilities in employment opportunities and rehabilitation services. Rehabilitation services will act as a foundation to develop the skills necessary to function in the community and employment. Employment will be provided through highest contracts with community organizations with a standing reputation. The organization will be responsibility for locating new employment and development opportunities for the adults that are transitioning from rehabilitation services.
Clients will require funding to take part in the rehabilitation and habilitation services with the organization. This funding will help fund…...

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