Creating Disciples

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“Creating Disciples: The Transformation of Employees into Trainers”

By Harry J. Martin* and Mary W. Hrivnak

Elena Rozkov
Human Resources Training and Development
April 12, 2012
MGMT 3060


After our class discussion and reading article “Creating Disciples” again, I have a better understanding of the process and importance of the training program, which is designed for developing and supporting employee trainers, but I still cannot completely agree with the authors’ model. Martin & Hrivnak (pg.614) are talking about turning novice employees into trainers if this employee feels strongly enough about the idea to volunteer to teach other employees. But they are not talking about rewards, recognitions or promotions.
According to Martin & Hrivnak (2009) an organization has to follow the “why” and “how” approach, and needs to understand the benefits and disadvantages between hiring an insider or an outsider to train others. Deciding which trainer to choose depends on the objectives of the program and how valuable they will be for an organization.
By turning employees into disciple trainers will benefit the company in many ways. The insiders are cost-effective for the company. Also, training process can be easier because trainers will be accepted by their peers, which will lead to a comfortable work environment. Trainers can relate to other employees because they are already in the culture, they already went through the learning process and will be able to teach and train. They have organizational specific knowledge, tacit knowledge, and skills. And in addition, they will be available to help trainees with any questions at all the time.
On another hand, the outsiders in the article are professional trainers or “wizards” and they are identified as a company’s…...