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As companies grapple with the current economic situation, many are recognizing that this particular downturn in the business cycle is different from those that preceded it. Indeed, today’s business context—characterized by rapidly intensifying globalization that has substantially increased the complexity, risk and uncertainty of doing business—has only served to exacerbate the challenge of managing through a difficult economy.
Many of today's biggest challenges come down to the different kind of decision making required to be successful. Organizations seeking high performance must make faster and bolder decisions. Companies must think both the positive and negative consequences of decisions made in this fast-paced environment. The systematic study of the organization’s ability to develop and sustain a culture capable of delivering quality products and services over time enables us to identify and understand the general requirements for doing so and provides insight into how to do it. In this paper I will share what I have learned about creating and sustaining an organizational value through integrated sustainability programs and business intelligence that is capable of high performance in Accenture.
In a time of changing consumer values and economic uncertainty, the marketing function has a more strategic role to play in driving growth and high performance. Are marketers ready to step up? Accenture believes so—if they are prepared to use the power of analytics to propel their organizations to the next level of performance. A critical success factor for organizations today is the ability to adapt their structures, systems and processes to capture new markets and expand existing ones. A critical determinant of strategic…...

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