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Creating Vlans, first determine the ports range for each vlan?
If 3 vlans are to be created:
>> A Switch has ports from fa0/1 to fa0/24
>> Assign port ranges to each vlan:
1. Vlan 10 has fa0/2-7 (suppose net-id is:
2. Vlan 20 has fa0/8-12 (suppose net-id is:
3. Vlan 30 has fa0/13-18 (suppose net-id is:
>> Reserve fa0/1 for switch-to-router connection and fa0/24 for switch-to-switch connection. Set trunk mode to both these ports early on:
* Go to the switch.
* Go in Enable mode and Configuration Terminal.
* Write for both reserved ports the following:
* Int fa0/1
* Switchport mode trunk
* Exit
* Int fa0/24
* Switchport mode trunk
* Exit
>> Now create vlan on the switch:
* In switch’s config terminal
* Write vlan <vlan id> in this case we have vlan 10
* Do the following:
* Vlan 10
* Name HR
* Vlan 20
* Name admin
* Vlan 30
* Name office
>> Once the vlan ids are created. It is time to set their interfaces for the port ranges we just mentioned at the top.
* Inside switch’s config terminal
* Write int range fa0/2-7 (in this case for vlan 10). Do the following
* Int range fa0/2-7
* Switchport mode access
* Switchport access vlan 10
* Exit
* Int range fa0/8-12
* Switchport mode access
* Switchport access vlan 20
* Exit
* Int range fa0/13-18
* Switchport mode access
* Switchport access vlan 30
* Exit
>> Now we have set the interfaces for the ranges of vlans. Simply provide the IP addresses to all the PCs connected with the switch (make sure you check the ports of each switch-to-PC connection).
>> You can only ping within one vlan. Vlan-to-Vlan ping is restricted.
>> Connect…...

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