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Creating a New Internet Business

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Creating a New Internet Business
List the business model description, Web site(s) visited, summary of the GREAT things that are on the Web page that makes the company successful for each Internet business model of uses for electronic commerce.
Business 1: Aerospace Metal Alloys
Aerospace Metal Alloys is a distributor of exotic steel, aluminum, and titanium alloys to the aerospace industry and other specialized industries. These metals such as kovar and inconel, must meet exceptionally exacting standards because they become parts in airplanes, rockets, industrial furnaces, and other high performance products. Aerospace sells raw materials produced in the form of bars, sheets, rings and forgings. In turn, Aerospace customers use these materials to fabricate their final products. Many Aerospace customers are actually parts suppliers to end-product assemblers such as Boeing Aircraft. Aerospace Metal maintains a sales force to sell these metals, and the company stores its products in seven warehouses throughout the country. They obtain their products from steel and metal manufacturers throughout North America. If a customer requests a product not carried by Aerospace, the company will special-order it from an appropriate supplier.

Business 3: Low Cost Tires Inc.
Low Cost Tires Inc. began as a small auto repair and tire shop in a small city outside of Detroit. While the original goal of the shop was to gain a reputation for quality repair, the owner also stressed meeting customer needs on the sale of tires. Low Cost Tires carries a very wide selection of tires so that customers can always be served on the spot. Its staff is highly trained and very knowledgeable about tires. Selling tires has turned out to be more profitable than auto repairs. Although the owner plans to maintain the auto repair business, she wants to use the Internet to expand tire sales and to...

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