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Creation of a Communication Plan

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A communication plan includes specific recommendations and cost estimates for the numerous tactical applications that are required to launch and sustain a new product, brand organization or event.A good communication plan clearly identifies objectives, target audiences, key messages, tactics, projected timeline, estimated costs and success measures. Below is an outline of a communication plan that fine arts organizations can customize to their individual needs.OverviewThis introductory section provides a succinct summary of background information on your new product, brand, organization or event, and its pending launch: * What the offering is * What benefits it provides for your target audiences * What has happened in its development process to this point * What the reader will see in the upcoming document
Try to keep the Overview section to one or two paragraphs. Don't get bogged down in details; the main reading is ahead.ObjectivesDeveloping clear, measurable objectives is critical to the success of your communication plan. Think about what you want your communications activities to accomplish. If, for example, you are launching a new offering, you will first need to make your audience aware of it, then educate them about its many benefits. If you are introducing a series of smaller offerings, you will need to explain how they work together and their combined benefits.As you develop your communication objectives, use active verbs and phrases, such as: * Generate excitement for... * Create and sustain awareness of... * Educate target audiences about... * Position this new offering as... * Build brand equity for... * Maintain a positive communication flow with... * Secure endorsement for...
Most communication plans have 5-7 objectives. Fewer than that may indicate you have not thought about all of your...

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