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Creative and Innovative Management

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• Fill out the > and evaluate your style with pros and cons in regard to leading others to positively embrace innovation and change.

After filling in the leadership self-assessment questionnaire and plotting the scores on the matrix, Team Leader Style is my leadership style.

The pros of this style are the ability and contribution of employees which opens up communication channels thus form a strong team. Another advantage is, the ability to solve complex problems by having input and feedback of more than one team member. One more advantage is, that it forms committed and motivated employees and teams due to their involvement, which leads to positive work environment or what so I call a “Happy Working Environment”. Thirdly, having skilled team members and allowing them to contribute and give their feedback will enhance a better decision-making and complex problems can be solved. I believe that another advantage is reducing employee turn over due to the fact that Team Leader style makes everyone feels important and valued.

The cons of this style is that it can be time consuming in critical matters, since decision making can take a long time due to contribution of more than one person. Another disadvantage is that leader depends on knowledge of employees, which might harm the organization if the employees are not skilled. One more disadvantage is, that it is sometimes costly to implement some ideas of employees, which might demotivate the employees. Another disadvantage, which mostly applies to small organization, is that team members might not be able to work independently!

In conclusion, pros and cons exist in every leadership style. The style implemented should fit the organization based on its objectives and goals. Team Leader Style is all about valuing the input of employees thus will boost and motivate...

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