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It was now January 31st, and Sydni Kellie and Lauren hadn’t even begun to start their bridge yet. They always talked about beginning it but never followed through. Something had always come up- dance, soccer, horses. They used pictures of other peoples bridges for t when Mr. Buck checked their progress. But it had gotten to the point where they had reached desperation. It was the last minute, and all they had was a bucket filled with supplies. It was eight in the morning and Sydni and Kellie were sitting in Kellie’s car. They had 24 hours to build a bridge adequate enough to pass. Lauren suddenly banged on the car, and there was a piece of paper with writing on it. Sydni rolled down her window, and snatched the paper from Laurens grasp.
“What is this?”
“Good morning to you too syd.”
“ya, hi. Whos number is this ?”
“A tutor! His name is Andrew.“
“Ok? Thanks for the insult Lauren,but I think I can handle passing Physics by myself..,”
“No syd. That’s not what she means. Lauren are you saying that this guy can build us a bridge?…”
“Yes kellie! That’s exactly what Im saying!”
The three girls stared at each other in silence, and then all began talking at once.
“Let’s call hi..”
“Should we cal..”
“Is this illeg…”
Eventually, one of them ended up dialing the number.
After the third ring, a man answered, “Andrew’s castle, whats your hastle?”
“uhhhh. Sorry to bother you Andrew, my name is sydni. me and my friends need a little favor.”
After 5 minutes, Sydni had explained their situation and agreed to meet him in Ventura to pick up the bridge at 3 that afternoon.

250 pm. Same Day

“Where did he say to meet us again?” Kellie and Lauren asked in unison.
“For the fifth time, he said downtown.”
In reality, he had told them to meet him in the mcdonalds bathroom, but she had convinced him to instead meet them out front of the movie theater… less sketchy and in case anything went wrong, they would be surrounded by people.
But as she rounded the corner, she almost ran into a policeman. He motioned for her to roll down her window.
“Maam I am going to have to ask you to take a detour. This section of downtown is closed until future notice.”
Sydni looked down at her phone, and saw a text from Andrew that read, “mcdonalds. 5 min. come alone.”
She sighed. Not only did she feel extremely uncomfortable going to meet a stranger, but now he was wanting her to make the exchange alone. This couldn’t end up good. But, they had no other options at this point.

As Sydni walked into mcdonalds, she called Andrew. She could hear a cellphone ringing from not too far away and she followed the sound. But she landed at the foot of a familiar looking lady….

“Mrs. Drake? What are you doing here?”

“Im sorry, but who are you? “ At the same moment, Andrew walks out of the bathroom, obviously frusterated that his client was running late.
Sydni looked from Andrew to Kellies mom, and back again. She was just about to say something when kellie walked in.
“MOM? What are you doing here…”
“Im sorry but who are.. oh nevermind. Yes hi kellie. Hi sydni. “
“Mrs. Drake, do you know Andrew?”
Andrew walked over to Kellies mom, and for a second we thought she was going to deny knowing him, but instead she hugged him.
Sydni and Kellie looked at each other in shock.
“MOM. How could you cheat on dad? I just don’t understand. Was it logan? Did he cause this?!”
“Honey, no. this isn’t what it looks like. I am not cheating on your father with this man. This man…… is your brother.”
“Zach?!” Lauren squealed from the doorway.
The kid named Andrew, or zach, or whatever, just stood there.
“Wait, so I am confused. Who are you?” Said sydni.
And as he began to talk, all of their mouths opened in shock.
“The name is Prince Harrington the fourth. I have never met any of you peasants. And I bid thee goodday.”
As the girls stared at him in confusion, Sydni realized she really needed to use the bathroom. As she locked the door to the handicap stall, and turned around, a hand clamped down on her mouth. The lights went out, and all she could smell was glue and wood.

A man began whispering in her ear.
“cross a rainbow road to span a 16 inch gap.
All popsicle sticks.”

“If only I had a bit more time.
I could have built
The strongest bridge” He released his grasp, and a moment later the lights came on. The man had vanished, and in front of her was a bridge.

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