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Creative Brief Ducati Multistrada

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Creative Brief
Client: Ducati Motor
Brand: Multistrada 1200
Date: April 2010
Description: 1st Semester Campaign – New Brand Introduction

What is The Brand?
The Multistrada 1200 is a motorcycle manufactured by Ducati since 2010. The engine is a retuned version of the Testastretta from the 1198 superbike, now called the Testastretta 11° for its 11° valve overlap (reduced from 41°). All models include throttle by wire, selectable engine mapping (full power with sensitive or relaxed throttle response, and reduced power with relaxed throttle response) and traction control adjustable through eight levels. S models also include ABS (optional on standard model) and electronically adjustable suspension. The S Sport model features carbon fiber air intakes, cam belt covers and rear hugger, while the S Touring model comes with heated grips, hard luggage and a center stand.
Product Manufacturer Background
Based in Bologna, Italy, Ducati was a radio manufacturer before entering motorcycle production after the end of the Second World War. Known at first for its sporty line of lightweight single-cylinder bikes, Ducati hit its stride in the early 1970s with its V-Twin sportbikes that were the pinnacle in their era. Following some financial instability in the 1990s, Ducati currently produces several desirable racing-inspired motorcycles. All current Ducatis are built with signature steel trellis frames and 90-degree V-Twin motors. It also has a rich racing history with particular dominance in World Superbike competition. Ducati offers sophisticated bikes in various distinct market segments: Superbike, Supersport, Monster, Multistrada, SportClassic and Hypermotard.
Motorcycle sport is a broad field that encompasses all sporting aspects of motorcycling. The disciplines are not all "races" or timed-speed events, as several disciplines test a competitor's various riding skills.
The list of our bikes' victories is proof of the value of our working philosophy: in the World Superbike Championship, Ducati has won 15 out of the last 18 Riders’ titles and 16 Manufacturers’ titles, while in the 2007 MotoGP championship – less than four years after Ducati’s debut in the series – our Desmosedici GP7 topped the world Riders and Manufacturers’ rankings

Line Up Product & Positioning

Specifications of the Motorcycle: * 1198cc V-twin, desmodromic valve * The V-Twin engin * 220 kg * 150 bhp engine output * Full adjustable traction Control (8 steps)

Problem Highlights: Ducati is trying to compete in the market as a multi-purpose dual-sport motorcycle like BMW GS. The first 2 models didn't really gain much of a success. As of in 2010, Ducati is putting the engine of 1198 into the new Multistrada.

What do we want this advertising to do?
Strengthen the awareness and make a clear identity of the new Multistrada product. Ducati’s new Mutistrada is said to be the new benchmark in production of multi-purpose dual sport motorcycle.
Who are we talking to and what insight do we have about them?
M 30-45. SES A+ Urban, Executive.
Urban riders; that love speed and agility. Adventurer spirit Rider

How do we want them to describe the brand, how would they talk about its essence and its personality?
Speed, agility, multi-purpose motorcycle. We want them to feel the world in their own way.

What is the single important things we want them to take out this advertising?

Multistrada 1200 endless Transformation.

How Can we make it believeable? * The engine is still a 90-degree V-twin, but the cams are chain driven, the crankcase operates in a near vacuum to reduce air pumping losses and the crank bearings are plain. * The company’s signature desmodromic valve operation is not only retained, it’s this which facilitates the use of the huge valves with their massive potential gas flow at the high revs an engine with a stroke as short as this can achieve. * And then there’s the electronics. There are four basic modes to choose from: Sport, Touring, Urban, Enduro, each of which triggers a raft of adjustments across the bike. * The ABS system not only changes its level of intervention with each mode, it also distributes braking force front and rear differently. The traction control settings vary with the modes, as do the suspension’s rebound and compression damping at both ends. * There’s also an engine braking function which applies some throttle to control how much the rear wheel slides or rotates when you’re braking hard, to enhance stability into a turn.

Are there any executions mandatory? * TVC will have 60 seconds duration * Direct, Demonstration Approaches * Strengthens product category (multi-purpose dual-sport motorcycle) * Stronger branding (strengthens the ability to transform in any road) * Showing Product: * Whole Motorcycle * Motorcycle maneuver * Motorcycle speed * Motorcycle agility * Motorcycle riding transformation
Are there any other things to consider that may help? * Communications message and branding will be the same in other Marketing elements
Required Materials: * Thematic TVC

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