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With the booming globalization, the need to develop the city and make it stand with a niche has become essential. Brisbane, being the third largest city of Australia, states capital, is a fast developing city with an elevated economy. The growth of any city is directly related to its rising economy. When we talk about the rising economy, it is not only pertaining to the monetary aspects. There are a lot more factors beyond the obvious ones that contribute to the economy of a city. The Brisbane city council surely knows how to create a livable city that not only provides its people a stable economy but with the cultural diversity, social connections, infrastructure, entertainment, and endless opportunities with whatsoever interest its residents. Creative Brisbane creative economy 2013-22 aims to make Brisbane an expressive, enthusiastic and energetic hub. Its vision is to make Brisbane a leading city, which has people with different talent, great opportunities for migrants and students. With the new global economy the cities advantage with opportunities that ensures the ease of business, innovative human capital and thereby boosts the economy. Creativity and innovation are like the heart and soul for driving the economy. People with talent and motivation seek for opportunities where they can sail on their dreams. They would invest where they see these opportunities and this would boost the economy. The report in particular reflects upon some important aspects of the rising economy. The retention of the talented workforce, attracting the talent pool from across the world, positioning creativity and innovation for boosting the economy, expanding the market shares and promoting local products are some of the aspects to be considered and worked upon in order to accomplish the vision for Brisbane by 2022.


With the new world trends in economy where there is a high competition among the globalized markets, the economy is driven by factors like market trends, competitiveness and production. The changing tastes of consumer reflect the market trends and they keep on fluctuating which takes a toll on the economy. To predict the economy today it is important to study and analyze the market trends. Creative economy is a new concept. It emphasizes the need of innovation and creativity with a blend of implicit knowledge, comprehensive understanding and information. Creative economy can pump up new jobs whilst keeping the social and cultural aspects. Creative economy comes from creative industries like architecture, visual arts, performing arts, music, films creative writing and many more. The challenge here is to find the right way to reflect the talent of these industries in a way that can attract people to work in these niche fields. Creative industries bring a lot of innovation, fresh ideas and thus have an influence on new business. It provides a competitive edge in the era of globalization. The most important part of the creative economy is to understand the local trends, socio-cultural aspects and then to bring innovative ideas in to action plan. As rightly said by Borris Jhonson art and culture are a part of the city’s DNA

Flourishing economy demands investment in business and the business investments are based on the cities reputation. The media also plays an important role in how the city is perceived by people. It is very important for cities to be unique to attract the new upcoming talent and business to relocate into these emerging cities. Advertisements do help a lot in promoting the cities. An aura of vivacious and reinforced creative industries is the best marketing strategy to magnetize the national and foreign investment opportunities. But to ensure this, it is important that we get enough patronage from the council bodies .The first thing that would be noticed about a city would be, how much good relations it has with other cities across the world. As it is an era of globalization it is important for the city to have a rapport and to make its own presence felt. Also how welcoming the people are is a major factor that plays role in attracting the new business. Friendliness and warmness is always highly appreciated in business terms. The climatic conditions have a great impact on the business. New business investors would certainly look for cities that have favorable climate, which supports the smooth running of their business. Brisbane certainly has the best climate in Australia. Infrastructure and the availability of good resources also play a vital role. This is one such area where the city council should work efficiently. A good infrastructure reflects the city. Talking about Brisbane, it still lacks in infrastructure as compared to some of its sister cities like Auckland and UAE.

Entrepreneurs would invest where they have a successful return on investment rate. Creativity and innovation is one thing that would keep people engrossed in doing their business and thus flourish the economy. Innovation and creativity go hand in hand. Creativity is the first step towards innovation or you can say that innovation comes from creativity only. It leads to escalating growth, affluence and viability. Creative innovation is not just limited to a particular field. It covers a vast area from arts to science and technology, from business to research and development, social to political contexts, financial to economic factors and capital.

The beauty of art is always appreciated in some or the other way. The greatest challenge here is to make strategies that can utilize the new talent, innovative ideas and put them in a way that can attract and retain people with keeping in mind the sentiments of diversified culture and the great history associated with the place. When you are spending money on Arts, it is called a wise investment with promising returns. Activities based on Art can aid the local economic development. For example the San Francisco’s investment in Neighborhood strategy.

Apart from people with managerial and technical skills, Brisbane showcases a wide percentage of people who are from different creative fields like the animation, audio, architecture, fashion and apparel etc. It is important to have an access to multitalented and multiskilled people as they add colors to the unique culture of the city. The architects can look after the infrastructure of the city; the artists can certainly change the look of the city by modern and ancient conceptualized paintings. Performing arts can also attract audiences. All this little things together make a difference and help to keep the city live and vibrant. It can attract a lot of tourists and thus can help the economy of the city. The branding and marketing of a city can also be done with this creative talent present in the city. When you can provide a platform to these entire talented people and can accommodate them. They would certainly come and stay in the city where they can see more opportunities and growth for them.


With the new era, there is demand for new economy with promising new strategies. The tastes of the consumers are changing so are the market trends. In order to gain a competitive advantage it is important to bring creative products in the market. Gone are those days where creativity was seen only in the entertainment area. Today is the time where through creativity and innovation one can create wealth, upsurge the production, educational developments, and a lot more. The challenge that still haunts the very idea of up surging economy and establishing a vibrant spirited city is that it requires a lot of effort to do the unconventional and to convince, motivate people for the same. The world today is hit upon by the waves of creativity allied modern and traditional approaches. To be a different city today it demands to be open to the new creative economic sector. However how to balance the modernized yet traditional approach is a question to be answered. Brisbane is renovating every single day as it clasps the new globalized economy and is aiming to be place itself in the elite group of cities worldwide. From supportive weather conditions to immense diversified talent, new investors, Brisbane has it all. The only test now is how to converge these creative resources into one-way strategies to achieve the dream city it wants to be. As reported in the council report, the goal of making Brisbane the most expressive, enthusiastic and energetic city is the right step towards achieving a niche name in the world cities.

Talking about what role does the audio plays in creative economy, it is an industry which is influenced and interlinked to other creative industries like the television, marketing, journalism, production and many more. With creating an aura and offering more space to this field, audio with other creative industry can certainly boost the economy. It can also retain the people who are already involved with audio in some or the other way as well can attract the talent worldwide. Audio is a field, which has made its importance felt in many other fields. In the time where digitalization and technology are booming in the markets trends, audio supports them and influences other business too. Opening up new recording studios, production houses would interest companies like Walt Disney to have their set up here. Creating world-class studios can bring some great artist to the city. This also helps in branding of the city. Performances by artists would gain a lot of attraction and response from the locals and nationals. This also generates an impression worldwide. Offering education in audio at bachelor and masters level would give students residing here to have a course of their choice. It also attracts international students and thereby improving the economy. Be it radio, television, news agencies, everyone of this industry needs audio specialists and equipment’s. This can attract a lot more influential investors to invest in here.

By encouraging the investors to capitalize in the creative sectors, Brisbane would assertively develop its international stance and enlarge its marketplace much further than the greater Brisbane. Brisbane is slowly and gradually on the way to entice the foreign investment in strategic developments, also confirming that the practices are competitive enough in the globalized markets providing a learning edge and thus also attracting and retaining talent and creativity. The recent G20 summit is certainly going to provide an edge to the Brisbane’s economy. It has already given Brisbane the honor of being known on a worldwide platform. Apart from marketing and branding, it has helped Brisbane get noticed by the influential investors. Brisbane had the privilege of being a host to a wide international audience. All this would sum up to Brisbane’s economy flourishing and achieve its targets.

Developing the tourism sector and making it a place of attraction to the international tourists can have access to easy cash flow in foreign exchange. Also Queensland has the advantage of beautiful places around which can make it easier for the council to develop it as a tourist attraction major. Attracting a good amount of international students to come over here and explore their options can also target foreign exchange.


To conclude, Brisbane has fantastic opportunities to develop itself as an emerging city not only in the Asia-Pacific but also across the globe. It has a blend of cultural and modern touch, warm welcoming people, multi talented skills, with investors and migrants. Also the weather conditions supports all of them. There are always challenges to the roads less travelled. With the strategies and planning, Brisbane amidst of these challenges can accomplish the title of the new city in the world with new economy, which has innovation and creativity at its grassroots. Brisbane with its unique style of being casual with a caring, progressive and modest approach is surely going to be urban in an ad-hoc way with a space for socialization and a personal touch.
In the upcoming years the global society will comprehend us as an empowered and well-balanced city driven by a topnotch lifestyle and a sense of longing by smart intellectuals to cluster where the action is.

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