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Children are the future of our society, and we should not just limit ourselves to one particular mindset. They have young minds that need to be nurtured in many different ways. Play is essential to their way of life. It provides exercise, a relief from boredom, and releases pent up energy. It also gives them an opportunity to develop the necessary skills that will help them on their journey to the adult world. The first article that supported creative play made a great point. Creative play not only stimulates the imagination, it also helps give tyhem a sense of indeppendancy, allowing them to think for themselves. Ceative play allows them to solve problems on their own, be creative, and learn how to manage their own interests. When given a certain amount of realistic rules, ones that teach them respect for other …show more content…
Structured play teaches them teamwork, dedication, and tecahes other good habits. These are also great qualities to instill in your child. When they are in programs such as sports, their hard work pays off in a way that many people can see. This gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment, and many of these activities will reflect on them later. Sports can get a student into college, and other structured activities give them headstarts in the career of their choice. Too much of any good thing is a bad thing. And every child is different, they each need to be treated differently for them to thrive. I was never in any sports or group teams, because I was never in one place for very long. But up to this day one of my favorite things to do is read. I was also taught how to make jewelry, and that progressed into learning how to work with clay and wire. But I also perfer to work alone, and have issues conveying my message to other people in speach. I also tend to withdraw from people, so maybe if I were in some form of team when I was younger would have been beneficial to

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