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How Schools Kill Creativity

Eric Godinez


27 October 2014
Cyndi Bills

How Schools Kill Creativity

For this paper I chose talk “How Schools Kill Creativity” by Sir Ken Robinson. The talk takes place in Monterey, CA February22-25, 2006 and the conference was named “The Future We Will Create”. And rightly so with many of the speakers being futurists and many of the talks held emphasized future developments in various fields. Sir Ken Robinson is a British author, speaker, and international advisor on education in the arts. I had seen this talk on TED a few years ago and it really struck a chord with me. I had not seen it I quite some time and so when I saw it again it had the same effect on me as the first time I saw it. I found the talk to be not only enlightening but funny and upbeat. Sir Ken Robinson has excellent public speaking skills and a fantastic wit. During his talk he brings up several points about education and the current system.
The Importance of Creativity To begin his talk Sir Ken Robinson states that children have a great capacity for innovation. I can certainly relate to this being a father of two girls and stepson. They all have their unique gifts and talents. My stepson is whiz when it comes to math he is only nine years old, my twelve year old daughter love to play cello, and my five year old daughter loves to sing and dance. I once was waiting in a very long line and she started to sing a song I had never heard before. It appeared that she just made it up. Everyone in the line seemed to enjoy the shoe she was putting on. He also goes on to say that creativity be treated with the same importance as literacy.
Creative Thinking Sir Ken Robinson continues in his talk with stating that children are not afraid to make mistakes. That by the time they become adults they lose this. As adults we are afraid of...

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