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Creative Writing: Blame Celestine

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The morning felt almost too-perfect. Leaving my home felt like taking a step into an Elysium field. This whole scene was studded with white clouds. Walking down the gravel pathway I heard the slightest movement of each stone. The breeze was as fresh as a dewy field. Along the pathway, there were some cottages on each side. I noticed an arch covered with vines, almost as if it was trying to hide from this world. Beyond the vines it seemed as if someone had swallowed every bit of light. The temptation of entering was unbearable.

All I could see was darkness. I looked behind me and the vines weren't there anymore. I inched forward trying to find the exit but then I slipped, and tumbled down a tunnel. I ended up in a huge cavern. The cavern
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They looked almost the same age but there was one who seemed slightly older than the rest. They were stunned when they saw me. What was a person like me doing in an underground cavern?
"I told you that you needed to fix the ceiling!" shouted the first witch.
"Oh, don't start blaming me. Blame Celestine." replied the second witch.
Celestine seemed infuriated, "Why should Aurelia and Rose blame me for not fixing the ceiling?"
"They blame you because you are in charge of the Earth element." said the other.
"Stay out of this Arabella." Aurelia and Rose exclaimed in unison.
"Madame Scarlet? Do you think there should be such chaos because of the ceiling?" asked
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When I came up to the part about the arch covered by vines they all gasped. She then continued to ask me more questions, "And, have you ever seen that archway before in your life?"
"No." I replied.
All the other witches started to mutter between each other. From what I could pick up, one of them said, I knew it was Morgana"
Being so confused I asked the group who Morgana was.
Madame Scarlet replied," A long time ago, Morgana was one of us. She was a good witch. I, myself, don't know what happened but she changed so much. She turned into an evil witch. We are trying to stop her , that is why we are living under ground. She sees everything but what is under the earth, that is where her powers are limited. She also has the power to change people's imagination. That's why you saw the archway. Now she is trying to take over the whole world and if she succeeds, then we all are going to be her slaves. Would you come and help us defeat her? Please. We need all the help we can get."
"I don't really know if I would like to help you or not." I admitted.
Madame Scarlet replied, "I will give you one day to think about it. If you decide to help us, come here and we will meet

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