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Creatng a Plan

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Creating a Plan
R. Butler
March 11, 2013
Robert Sell

Creating a Plan

The objective is to create a plan for positive influence may be applied to any type of a business plan or setting that will increase a team or group’s motivation, performance, and satisfaction with the organization. The plan will be centered on specific attitudes, emotions, personalities, and values that members of the team or group can collaborate with each other on how the differences influences each member’s behavior in a business setting.
A business setting has three essential factors that a group or team need to increase productivity in a business environment. The leader in the team setting has must make certain steps that will inspire members or the team or group to become motivated to complete the task. One difficult part of the process is able to deal with different human behavior personalities, values, emotions, and attitudes.
Motivation is important to the team or groups, the element that will help the group to succeed. Achievement, recognition, responsibility and advancement and establishing a strong relationship with each member will also help to increase motivation. Satisfaction and performance contributes to the teams or groups satisfaction in the organization that includes perks. By increasing the team’s satisfaction such as flexibility, rewards, and fulfillment and working environment it will also increase the performance of the team. Employees’ determine that they are satisfied if they have a work environment with suitable space that allow team members to be comfortable helps them to think and process ideas and provide the organization with better performance.

Attitudes and Emotions
Attitudes are characteristics of the team that should not be left out of the teams or groups success. A positive attitude toward productivity is not the member’s first priority a bond...

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