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Made in china means products are manufactured in the mainland of China. People who live in China feel that all goods are made in China is a normal thing because the Chinese people do not really know almost everything in foreign countries also is made in China. Because of the cheap labors and China's large manufacturing industry, “made in China” becomes one of the most recognizable labels in the world today. “Made in China” has a huge range of goods from clothing to electronics.

World economy is becoming so dependent on China as an industrial lifeline. China's importance to global manufacturing will resemble Saudi Arabia's position in world oil markets. As a result, there are more and more goods are made in China. Some people like goods which are made in China because these goods are cheaper. On the other hand, not all people think that goods are made in China is good thing. Just as a cartoon I found, the editorial cartoon describes a broken plane which is made of wood, and a soldier say: I told you we should not have bought those airplanes with the “made in China” sticker. Unquestionably, this editorial cartoon ridicules made in China means low quality. Moreover, all goods are made in China also has some negative influences for other economic facets. Too many goods are made in China have many disadvantages. The main problem about products made in China is that goods which are made in China are low quality. Some people even say that: China is notorious for manufacturing goods with a higher rate of failure or defective products. But others say that this not true and actually there is not that much difference in quality with most products made in China compared to products made in Germany for example.

It also depends if the product has European standards of quality or it's a really cheap one with bad quality. You will probably notice this more when...

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