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Credit Card features | Card # 1 | Card #2 | Card #3 |
APR(Fixed or Variable) | 0% APR for first 12 billing cycles then Variable APR between 14.99% - 22.99% Will Apply. | 15.99% Fixed APR | 0 % APR through 11/2015 billing period then Variable APR between 12.9% - 22.9% Will Apply. |
Penalty APR and trigger event when it is charged? | Up to 29.99 % based on creditworthiness. This APR may be applied to a new transaction on your account if you make a late payment. | Up to 29.99%. This is triggered when: if you fail to make any Minimum Payment by the date and time due or make a payment to us that is returned unpaid. | 29.4% and the trigger event when it is charged is: if you make a late payment. |
Annual Fee | $0 | $0 for 1st year then $95 | $0 |
Late Fee | Up to $35 | Up to $15 if balance less than $100. Up to $25 if balance is between 100 but less than 250. Up to $35 if the balance is $250 or more. | Up to $35 |
Over the Limit fee | Up to $25 | Up to $35 | None |
Transaction Fees (balance transfers, cash advance, etc.) | Balance Transfers- 14.99 % to 22.99 % based on credit worthiness. Cash advance- 17.99% to 24.99 % based on credit Worthiness. | Balance transfer- 15.99 %. Cash advance- 19.24%. Overdraft advance- 19.24%. | Balance transfer- 0% through 11/2015 billing period. Then 12.9% to 22.9% based on credit worthiness. Cash advance- 24.9% based on credit worthiness. |
Grace Period | Due date is at least 25 days after close of each billing cycle. | Due date is at least 21 days after close of each billing cycle. | Due date is at least 25 days after close of each billing cycle. |
Method for computing account balance | A method called “average daily balance (including new purchases).” Is used. | Use of daily balance method (including new transactions). | A method called “average daily balance (including new transactions) is used. |
Rewards for use…...

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... CREDIT CARD CONTENT Sl. No | | Page. No | 1 | INTRODUCTION | 1-3 | 2 | CREDIT CARD: WHAT ARE CREDIT CARD | 4-6 | 3 | ADVANTAGES OF CREDIT CARD | 7 | 4 | DISADVANTAGES OF CREDIT CARD | 8 | 5 | CREDIT CARD: PROS AND CON | 9-11 | 6 | HOW YOUR CREDIT CARD IS CHANGING | 11-13 | 7 | HOW TO GET OUT OF CREDIT CARD DEBT | 14 | 8 | CONCLUSION | 14-15 | Credit Cards: Introduction Are you thinking about making a purchase? Among the payment choices tucked away in a consumer's a wallet is the credit card. Its popularity since its debut in the late 1950s has skyrocketed. Many people enjoy the convenience and protections it offers, such as the ability to defer payments and keep records of purchases. However, credit cards can either help to improve your lifestyle by offering convenient payment and helping you build credit, or they can leave you with a pile a of debt - it all depends on how you use them. Problems can be avoided but understanding the terms of the credit card agreement, spending wisely and selecting the appropriate card. Here we take an in-depth look at credit cards and provide useful information about how you can use one to your best advantage. How Credit Cards Built A Plastic Empire :- Credit cards are nearing necessity status in modern life. If you want to rent a video, book...

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...Credit Cards and Cash There is very importance of money in our life. “When you have money in hand, only you forget who you are. But when you do not have any money in your hand, the whole world forget who you are”. This is the saying of a famous US Microsoft founder “Bill Gates”, from which one can easily understand the need of money in life for living and simplification. Among the different forms of money for financial transactions, Credit cards and Cash are the two major types. In spite of being both money, they have differences too. The differences between these two can be related as the advantage of one and disadvantage of others. Using of credit cards offers credit rewards like certain percentage of cash back which is not possible through the use of cash for transactions. Credit cards are more convenient than cash, as one can do online shopping using it while cash has disadvantage over it. Credit cards provides more security than cash. Use of credit card might require a signature and a PIN while for the use of cash nothing special is needed so if stolen cash draws more disadvantages over security. The loss of credit cards does not affect much as we can easily stop the use of that card and apply for the next card just by informing the bank. But if cash is stolen then one needs to rush to police station and needs to write a report of theft. Carrying a credit card, no one will know the amount of money you are carrying so even less...

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...Credit cards are often blamed for causing consumers to spend more money than they have and trapping them in a cycle of debt. A major problem with credit cards is that people spend money without keeping track of how much they have charged. However, if used properly, credit cards can provide a convenient way to pay, build your credit score and even reward you for using them. Only Spend What You Can Afford to Pay Credit cards are a convenient way to pay for purchases because you only have to carry a single piece of plastic rather than large amount of cash. And you do not have to pay for the purchase immediately. Instead, the money is added to your statement and at the end of your billing cycle you get a bill for all of your purchases. As long as you can pay the bill off in full, you actually save money because you can earn interest on the money for a few extra weeks. However, if you do not keep track of your spending and cannot pay the bill or only make the minimum payments, you will end up paying more in interest and feesRead more: Proper Use of a Credit Card | Credit cards are a great way to make purchases and record to the penny your spending. They also provide a way to postpone payment on items and thereby earn more interest on your money.For example, if you have a money market account that gives you 5% annual interest and you spend $1000 a month through your credit card, you can...

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