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Crime And Crime Case Study

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“The influence of Academic education on crime rate within South Asia”
This paper illustrates effects of academic education on the crime ratio prevailing in the country. We present realistic influences between crime and education in South Asian countries and specifically in Pakistan, using various data sources. A solid conclusion is that criminal activity is negatively related with higher levels of education in Pakistan. Therefore, we categorize the outcome of education on influence in criminal activity using fluctuations in required school leaving age laws over time to understanding for the endogeneity of education. In this fundamental approach, for property crimes, the negative crime-education relationship remains strong and significant. The consequences of these findings are explicit and perfect. They indicate that refining education can yield major
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They begin by analyzing the effect of high school graduation on incarceration using Census data. Instrumental variable estimates using changes in state compulsory attendance laws as an instrument for high school graduation uncover a significant reduction in incarceration for both blacks and whites. Overall, the estimates suggest that completing high school reduces the probability of incarceration by about .76 percentage points for whites and 3.4 percentage points for blacks.
Machin, Marie and Vujic (2010) presents new evidence on the effect of education on crime, looking at different data sources from Britain, and paying attention to the causal direction and magnitude of connections between the two. They uncover evidence that crime is significantly related to education, especially in the case of property crimes. They find that magnitudes of the estimated effects are sizable, with causal estimates probably being larger than the non-causal least squares

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